Pa Der Vang

Candidate for Ward 7 Council Member on the St. Paul City Council

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Pa Der Vang

Serving as a St. Paul City Council member will allow me to continue giving back to my community in meaningful ways. I will advocate for equal rights, affordable housing, accessible healthcare and education, more transportation options, and safety for our family and children.

I have been a volunteer and advocate for communities and families, an educator, and a social worker for 23 years which prepares me to represent residents of the City of St. Paul in Ward 7. I have a deep understanding of the social injustices and systemic barriers that plague low income communities, communities of color, immigrant and refugee communities, persons with disabilities, youth, the aging, and LGBTQIAA communities. As a homeowner and parent residing in Ward 7, I will work hard to ensure that all families and their children have access to the resources they need to live their everyday lives.

As a social worker and community advocate, I have demonstrated my ability to create change to benefit the lives of members of our community. I came to the United States as a war refugee and through hard work and perseverance, I completed my Ph.D. in Social Work so that I could more deeply contribute to my community. I served as a social worker on St. Paul’s East Side and Ramsey County since the year 2000. I was a child social worker for my parents who did not speak English. My family lives on the East Side. My daughter is a junior in the St. Paul Public School District. I co-founded the Minnesota Hmong Social Work Coalition in 2015, was a co-founder of Hnub Tshiab Hmong Women Achieving Together in 2008, have contributed knowledge to the field of social work over 22 years through several publications, and currently serve on the Minnesota Board of Social Work as Board Chair. I am passionate about community and will work for social justice and equity for all.

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Communities for Pa Der

Pa Der is committed to community and equal rights for all. She is always involved, out there, volunteering, and helping the people of St. Paul. She has demonstrated through her life’s work that she will continue to work hard for the people of St. Paul.

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Pa Der is a part of this community and has been for several years. She is a homeowner on the Eastside, her family lives here and she is passionate about caring for community. She has always been a champion for the Eastside and its diverse communities. She has the knowledge, work ethic, and compassion needed to represent Ward 7.

Why I’m Running

I am a public servant with a focus on social justice. I believe all residents of Ward 7 should have equal access to the resources available to them within the city they call home. These include education, healthcare, housing, jobs,  and neighborhoods that are socially, economically, and environmentally friendly with transportation options, and green-space such as walk-able trails and parks. I intend to work on behalf of all Ward 7 residents to reduce disparities in education and healthcare, improve access to employment, and advocate for sound environmental practices that prioritize residents of Ward 7. I am committed to re-imagining public safety and doing this work in collaboration with the communities who are most impacted.

Support for the Unions: My father worked as a janitor from 1976-1995. He then worked for the auto industry until 1998, when his company shipped their production overseas. I am a big supporter of unions because it was the collective voice and power of the unions that provided my father with a safe working conditions, a livable wage, a good benefits for his family which included health care, paid time off, and retirement benefits,

Priority Areas

Families and Children

Immigrants of all backgrounds have settled and built communities in Ward 7 for generations. These communities provide support for families and their children to grow and thrive. To ensure future success of our diverse communities, I will advocate for equal rights for all, for the resources that families need to thrive and these include jobs, accessible healthcare, quality education, affordable housing, safe neighborhoods, environmental health, and equitable transportation infrastructure.

Public Safety

Families and their children need safe communities to walk, bike, and play. I am committed to an inclusive public safety plan that includes social workers, peace officers, youth workers, community organizations, and neighbors who take ownership of their communities, work together in collaboration, and harness their collective voices to ensure safety in their communities.

Environment and Climate

I am passionate about environmental health for all communities and just practices to ensure Eastside residents do not bear the brunt of industry practices that are harmful. I will secure resources to improve and make more accessible the environmental spaces that exist in Ward 7. I will leverage city resources to promote healthy air and water quality, green environments, and rebuilding of open land spaces.

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